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Tips and tricks to get a 5 star customer review

Hotel Toiletries

We are living in an increasingly transparent world. Customers expect reviews and woe betide the hotel that only gets 3 stars on TripAdvisor or Google.

Your location and the size of your rooms are fixed so you have no choice but to reflect these in your prices. However, you can differentiate your business with a few simple tricks.  A quality mattress, a spotless room, a funky towel and some quality hotel toiletries can make the difference. 5 Star Toiletries Logo - Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel & Body Lotion logo.

1. Get the Basics Right

As you guests enter your hotel or B&B everything should be exceptionally clean. Aim for spotless and you can’t go wrong. From the outside of the windows to behind the toilet. Some guests will mark you down for any dirt found regardless of the price bracket.

2. The Welcoming

From the moment your guests enter they should feel they are being given an experience. Sit them down and offer them a drink. Use the opportunity to explain the ground rules but also add value to their stay. Understand why they are visiting your hotel or B&B and talk to them about it. Perhaps they will want to know about the top tourist attractions, remember to make it personal. For example …

… “Are you planning to visit Gloucester Cathedral? I was there last month and the view from the top of the tower was fantastic. Did you know some of Harry Potter was filmed there?” …

We have given our customers some personal information and even thrown in an interesting titbit for good measure.

3. Make it Easy for your Guests

A guest book should be provided with all the important information:

  • Welcome message / History of your hotel
  • Wifi
  • If food is served then let your guests know what time it is served
  • Transport (public and taxi numbers)
  • Places to eat / drink
  • Top attractions
  • Check-Out information
  • Instructions for appliances (air con / TV etc.)
  • Emergency contact information

4. Create a 5 Star Room

A towel on the bed, in a fun shape, can also make a good impression.

A good mattress and quality linen is a must. Here’s a great guide to buying mattresses.

Each room should have a hair dryer and ideally have an iron – although you may opt to give out irons on request.

Bottled water and a kettle with tea and coffee a must. For a more luxurious room provide some small chocolates and some soft drinks to add the wow factor.

5. In the Bathroom

Aim for 1 large towel and 1 small towel per person, in addition to 1 extra hand towel so guests can wash their hands.

In the bathroom your hotel toiletries should look great and smell great. If you have a low/mid-priced room then including body lotion within your toiletries can help differentiate from the competition with a very minimal cost per room.

6. Communicate

Communication with your guests costs nothing (except your time!).

Message your guests prior to arrival to explain directions and get them excited for their stay.

Also message your guests after they leave. Try to get across how much you enjoyed having them stay with you and always ask for feedback.

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