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Tips and tricks to get a 5 star customer review

Hotel Toiletries

A quality mattress, a spotless room, a funky towel and some quality hotel toiletries. Read on for a few handy tips and tricks that may help you get an extra star or two.5 Star Toiletries Logo - Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel & Body Lotion logo.

Hotel Toiletries – What do they add?

We are living in an increasingly transparent world. Customers expect reviews and woe betide the hotel that only gets 3 stars on TripAdviser or Google.

Your location and the size of your rooms are fixed so you have no choice but to reflect these in your prices. The feedback your customers give will reflect the experience you have given them. A friendly welcome will go a long way.

Understand why they are visiting your hotel or B&B and talk to them about it. Perhaps they will want to know about the top tourist attractions, remember to make it personal. For example …

… “Are you planning to visit Gloucester Cathedral? I was there last month and the view from the top of the tower was fantastic. Did you know some of Harry Potter was filmed there?” …

We have given our customers some personal information and even thrown in an interesting titbit for good measure.

So what makes your rooms 5 star?

The secret is getting the basics right and then adding in those little extras. A good mattress is a must. If I am paying to sleep in a room I expect the mattress to be at least decent. Here’s a great guide to buying mattresses. Clearly the room has to be clean, for rooms over £100 you should be aiming for the spotless feel.

Unsurprisingly we believe toiletries add a lot to the experience! Once you’ve done the basics the little extras help to separate hotel rooms, that means the difference between a 4* rating and a 5* customer rating. This means toiletries that look great and smell great. We believe that the complete set adds a huge amount in comparison to the cost. That means a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion.

Complimentary tea/coffee is expected for those 5*’s too. A towel on the bed, in a fun shape, can also make a good impression.

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