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We’re a supplier of luxury toiletries to the hospitality industry.
We keep things simple, we do it right and strive to give our customers a 5 star service, every time!
Our 25ml bottles add luxury to the bathrooms of your Hotel/B&B/Guest House whilst ensuring you don’t break your bank and cover everything from shampoo to body lotions. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all of your guests toiletries!

Our Brand – ARBOR 
Our brand, Arbor, is a unique, high quality brand designed for the Hospitality industry. A light and fresh citrus fragrance delights the senses without being overpowering and leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

All of our products come equipped with our “Flippy-Top” caps, which add a practical benefit over the lower end screw cap alternative.

If you would like to sample our products – please do get in touch using the details above!

Hotel Toiletries Arbor

Shipping Information
Our orders are dispatched within 24 hours via Royal Mail or our preferred Courier.
Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Contact us: info@hotelessentials.co.uk

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